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What is a howrse silver apple

There is no such thing as a silver apple. There is a golden apple and used to be a diamond apple but there is no silver apple.

Answer 2: A silver apple is when they used to have a golden apple but the coat they had was removed from the listing

Answer 3: A retired golden apple coat How do you buy a retired golden apple on howrse?
This is known as the Retired Coat [RC]. It is a silver golden apple but will only become silver when the producer of the coat decides to stop selling it in the Black Market. It will also turn silver when the horse with the Golden Apple has been bought over twenty five times (approximately). Only then will it have a 'silver apple'. You can buy Retired Coated horses [RC's] in the Auctions or Direct Sales.

How do you get a Diamond apple on Howrse?
its not on howrse anymore, sorry

What is the apple of friendship on Howrse?
an apple someone sends to you for an objective

How do you buy the diamond apple on Howrse?
It is not on Howrse anymore. Sorry. The coats ARE amazing though...

How much was the diamond apple when it was out on Howrse?
It was only one pass like the golden apple.

How do you feed your horse the golden apple on Howrse?
You don't feed it to them. You go on the black market, click the golden apple, samsung a40s antutu Top Ranking select the howrse, then the coat, then "confirm". Hope this helps! -Kатнячп•Fυııэя

How do you use the golden apple on Howrse?
breeding >>> the black market >>>>golden apple select the horse you want to use the apple on.

Which player has a zebra on Howrse?
you cannot have zebras on howrse but you can get a golden apple coat that is designed to look like a zebra

Why did your golden apple disappear from your horse on Howrse?
There was an error. I was wondering that too. Howrse had a problem and fixed it the next day.

Can you use a golden apple after medusa's blood on howrse to keep the pegasus wings?
Yes, if you want a golden apple with wings put the Medusa's blood on first THEN put on the golden apple. If you have any more questions you can talk to me on howrse, I am Katalina98

What is the promo code for the golden apple on howrse?
there are none

How do you use a golden apple on Howrse?
go to the black market and huawei p smart plus 2019 antutu score p smart z antutu benchmark go to the golden apple and then choose your howrse and then a list of coats and their picture will apear choose one go to the bottem of the page and click the button!

What is a GA horse on Howrse?
It is a horse with a Golden Apple coat.

How do you get a diamond apple on horwse?
You can't. Howrse got rid of it a while ago. You can get a Golden Apple for 1 pass but they no longer have the diamond apple.

Can you choose another coat after you already got one using the golden apple on howrse?
You can but it will cost another golden apple, the previous one being wasted. My username on howrse is iloveponies_27 so contact me for galaxy a70 antutu score further information.

What horses on howrse can't use the golden apple?
Divines and Specials.

What is the price of the golden apple in howrse?
1 pass per horse.

Can you use the golden apple on howrse for more then 1 horse?
No you must use one golden apple per horse.

How do you give your Howrse more energy?
What I do is I train my horse then when I'm done I groom it, stroke it, and feed it an apple. By stroking it, you raise its energy by about +7. You can find me on Howrse my name is Friesianluvr7. Or (if he is thin or not) feed him/her 22 pounds or the max of hay, then an apple then stroke it. then maybey let it on a diet! my name is *CrystalClear*...

What are all the graphics you can make on Howrse?
You can make various coats for horse, including the Golden apple coats and diamond apple coats.

How do you give an apple to another player's horse on howrse?
you go onto that horses page and it should say 'actions' and then a pic of and apple.

How do I get a golden apple for free?
You can not. There are NO cheats on Howrse. Feel free to look "Howrse Cheats" up on the internet but the "Cheats" that come up are not cheats at all! Fizzysweete

Do I use the medusa's blood before or after I use the diamond apple?
Before you use the diamond apple, but letting you know howrse got rid of the diamond apple so now there is only a golden apple.

Where can you buy a diamond apple on howrse?
well,you cant get one like that, the one that you are going on about is a run out golden apple :) hope this helps ahaa ;)

How do you get a golden apple on Howrse?
You buy it for 1 pass at the Black Market, 10 diamonds or you make it from Halloween potions like I did. I'm Hagrid on howrse add me a a friend.

How do you it a free golden apple?
You cant. There are apsolutely NO cheats on Howrse. You may look Howrse cheats up on the internet but the "Cheats" that come up are not cheats at all! Fizzysweete

Are golden apple golden apples passed on to offspring on howrse?
No, BMIs aren't passed down to foals. (Add me on howrse! ♥I♥love♥horses)

Can you remove black market items for a Howrse you buy and use them on another Howrse?
No. There is no possible way to remove a BM item on a howrse. You can get rid of the wings from Medusa's Blood by using a Golden Apple, but that is probably the only thing that changes...

What is the newest Golden Apple coat on Howrse?
New coats are added every day.

How do you feed your horse a apple on howrse?
You can only give apples to other people's horses.

What does ga stand for on Howrse?
It stands for Golden Apple. A Golden Apple can change your Howrse's coat! This black market item costs one pass.

How can you change the way your horse's picture looks on howrse?
You can either give it a Golden Apple or a Diamond Apple, both from the Black Market. Otherwise, you cannot.

How much should you sell a golden apple for?
8'000 Dollars on a web game like howrse

How do you feed other peoples' horses on howrse?
well when they are for huawei 4e antutu Benchmark sale i know you can give them an apple

How much does a golden apple cost on howrse?
One passe. Passes are brought with real money.

How do you send apples on Howrse?
You go to another person's horse's page, and click send an apple on the top right of the horses page. I am Buffy Kiev on Howrse if you have any more questions

How do you create a coat on Howrse?
To create a coat on Howrse, you must buy a Black Pearl from the Black Market. After buying it, you may submit a coat. You must wait for a short period of time whilst Howrse accepts your coat and then anybody can use it with the Golden Apple.

Can you choose what costume you can dress your horse in on howrse?
There are no 'costumes' for horses on Howrse. However, if you give a horse a Golden Apple and search through the different coats there may be one with what looks like clothing for your horse. If you have any more questions, my username on Howrse is RaeMatex.

What is the Golden apple on howrse?
the golden apple lets you change the coat of any of your horses. if you give it to a house that can only have one colour coat, then i don't think it will work.

How old does your horse have to be before giving it a golden apple on Howrse?
the horse has to be 3 years old to get a GA

What do horses primerily eat?
Howrse.com: Grass IM The Silver Shadow on Howrse check me out!

Why is the apple logo silver?
It isn't silver it is also black and white.

What products contain silver?
The newer apple products contain silver.

Do you still get a golden apple if your horse with the apple dies?
If you have a horse with a golden apple on and it dies, you won't get given another golden apple. However if it dies and you bring it back to life with a Pandaoras Box then it will still have the golden apple on. You can never move a golden apple from one howrse to another. Hope this helps LeaBuff

Why did your golden apple disappear on Howrse?
Because your Golden apple coat you choose was retired. You can still see the coat but it has expired. It is like your horse has a extra special coat now.

On Howrse what is a coat?
The color of the horse's fur. You can get a special coat with the golden apple and design one with the black pearl.

Do you win a golden apple on the Howrse objectives?
at the moment, no, you don't. But the prizes for the objectives are constantly changing. You might get lucky.

What does Ga mean in Howrse?
Golden Apple. It's a BM item you can use to give your horse special coats.

How do you give other peoples horses the apple on howrse?
First, you go to the store and buy a supply of apples. Then you go to the other person's horse and click the red apple under "actions"Only one apple per day from each person.Each apple= +2 morale

Can you get special coats for unicorns with golden apple on howrse?
Yes, you can. Your horse must be a unicorn to be able to see and choose from them, though.

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