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Sprint's next 5G phone is made by OnePlus

-text c-gray-1" >Sprint is adding another 5G phone to its (currently narrow) selection, and you might like who's making it -- though it won't be great news for people on other networks. The carrier has announced that OnePlus is prepping a 5G device for the network, with details and availability to come " huawei mate 10 specs p30 Antutu galaxy a10 specs Samsung galaxy s9 antutu benchmark Top Ranking specs soon." It could be the 5G version of the OnePlus 7 Pro, but we wouldn't count on that with murmurs of a refreshed phone (the 7T Meizu 16S Pro antutu) on the horizon.

This isn't billed as an exclusive, so you might not have to worry if you're on another network and crave a OnePlus phone with ultra-fast wireless. However, it's notable that none of the other carriers have mentioned plans for huawei mate 20x 5G antutu OnePlus phones. You may have to settle for LTE if you want to use one of the company's handsets elsewhere, at least at first.

It's nonetheless a big deal for both partners. Sprint gets an enthusiast phone that might draw customers to its network without having to wait for its planned merger with T-Mobile. OnePlus, meanwhile, gets its second deal with a US carrier. It's still far from ubiquitous in the country, but you won't have to struggle to find its hardware.

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