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Who makes the iPhone battery


Which batteries are suitable for iPhone cellphone battery replacement?
The battery that is most suitable as an iPhone cellphone battery replacement is a genuine iPhone battery from Apple. You should not take the risk of damaging your iPhone by purchasing another type of battery.

How much mAh is the iPhone 4 battery?
The iPhone 4 has a 1420mah battery.

How do you improve battery life on iPhone?
keep the iPhone in distance from strong sunshine and water and wet. It will help to improve the iPhone battery life. However, as iPhone is powerful in function, the battery is very easy to finish. You can buy another power for backup. if the iphone battery is broken, you can replace it.

Does the IPhone 6 have a better battery life than the IPhone 6 Plus?
The Apple iPhone 6 Plus has a better battery life than the Apple iPhone 6.

What happens if you overcharge an iPhone 5S battery?
An iPhone S5 battery can't be overcharged. The charging stop automatically when the battery reaches full charge.

How do you get the battery out of the iPhone?
See the two screws at the bottom of your iPhone, unscrew those and the back will come off; then find the battery and remove it. iPhone battery is built-in to the mobile. You can't take it out without open tool.

Change the battery in an iphone 4s?
take to a iphone store

Can i charge my Iphone when it has a good amount of battery?
Yes, you can charge your iPhone when it has a good amount of battery. However, you should avoid charging the phone until it is low in battery, to prolong the battery life.

How many battery options iPhone has?
The iPhone battery was built-in, it is not so easy to reaplace it without open tool. But there are some extend power for iPhone, you can choose them to get more power.

How can I track my iPhone when its no battery and without find my iPhone or iCloud?
Not possible.

What company makes it iPhone?
Apple makes the iPhone and it is available from AT&T

What is the life expectancy of an iPhone?
The battery lifespan of an iPhone is about 400 full charges.

How fast will a battery drain on an iPhone 5s?
The battery should drain slowly on an iPhone 5s. If the battery was charged correctly the first time. It should take around 10 hours to drain.

How long will 10 percent of your iPhone battery last?
It really depends on how log you've had the IPhone. And if your brightness is turned down. It matters most how old your IPhone is, how your battery life is, and all of the tips you can use to make your battery life longer. I hope this information helped you!

What is the name of the company that makes the iPhone?
Apple makes the iphone as well as the iPad and iPod.

How will you know when your iPhone is charged?
When your iphone is fully charged, the battery on your lockscreen will be completely green.

How long does an iphone 5 battery last?
The iPhone 5 battery has 8 hours of talk time. The 5c and 5s each have 10 hours of talk time.

Can you deplete the battery in an iPhone 4S?
Yes by not recharging the handset until it drains the battery.

How do you find your iPhone when battery is dead?

Does an otter box affect iPhone battery?
no it does not

Why does my iphone 5 die fast What can I do save battery?
The Iphone 5s battery can die quickly due to open applications and usage. It helps save battery life by properly closing all applications that are no longer in use.

Who make the iPhone?
The company Apple (AAPL) makes the iPhone.

How do you get the battery percent on iPhone 4?
Go to Settings>General>Usage>Battery Percentage [ON] OFF

Does the iPad 2 have better battery life than iPhone 4S?
No they have same amount of battery.

How long does an iPhone battery last?
The iPhone 3GS can have around 5-6 hours of constant use (screen lit up). There is an app i recommend which tell you an approximation on your battery life, how long you can do certain tasks and such. Its called "Battery LED."

How much battery does a iPhone 5 have?
The iPhone has 8 hours of talk time once it's fully charged. That means you can talk on the phone for 8 hours before the battery runs out.

Can you find your iPhone 4S if its not charged?
No, the use of the gps which the Find My iPhone would use draws battery power. Therefore, if you don't have any battery left, you can't use the gps

How do you open the iphone to get battery?
i recommend it but there are tutorials on youtube

How do you put the batter percantage on your iphone?
Assuming you meant battery percentage, this is what you need to do for the iPhone 5S and 5C: go to Settings, then General, then Usage. You'll then see an option to "switch on battery percentage."

How do you take out battery in iphone?
You can't. If you need to replace the battery for any reason, take it into the Apple store.

Who makes most of the apps for the iPhone?
apple create the apps on iPhone

Will the iPhone 3GS going to have a bigger battery?
you meen iphone 4? if so yes 2x bigger! but iphone 3GS i don't know, hope that helps!:)

How do you get to the iPhone battery?
It depends on the specific iPhone model. Search a video site like "YouTube" with search terms of "iPhone battery replacement" to see step by step instructions. This is a very difficult job best left to professionals. It requires specialized tools and soldering.

Where is the battery on iPhone?
It depends on the specific iPhone model. Search a video site like "YouTube" with search terms of "iPhone battery replacement" to see step by step instructions. This is a very difficult job best left to professionals. It requires specialized tools and soldering.

What is the battery life of iPhone 3G?
The battery life of iPhone 3G is very short. That is, only around 5 hours if you are using voice (talking) or data (web browsing). The battery life extends to 24 hours if you are just using it to listen to music.

How to make your iphone 4 battery life last longer?
To make your iphone battery life last longer turn off location services, reduce screen brightness, and huawei nova5 pro antutu rating nova 4 antutu turn bluetooth off.

What is average life span on Iphone battery?
That depends on what you are doing.

What is Mobile Substrate on a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch?
it is battery

How many mah are there in a iPhone 4S?
1432 mah battery

How much electricity can a battery make?
That depends on the battery. A car battery makes 12 volts. An AA cell battery makes 1.5 volts.

Does the cable you use to hook the iPhone to a PC come with the iPhone?
Yes, Xiaomi CC9e specs the iPhone come with a USB cable, galaxy a8s HTC Desire 19+ specs the same is used to charge the battery and to connect to a PC or Mac.

What does the iPhone 3G have that the iPhone doesn't?
The iPhone 3G: has App Store better battery better quality more features different size and weight. iPhone 3G can support GSM, WCDMA, UMTS.

Is charging your iPhone all night bad?
No, it will not harm it. The Apple iPhone uses Lithium batteries that use a trickle charge at the end of charging, so you do not need to worry about overcharging the battery by leaving it plugged in.

How do you check a battery in an Iphone?
It says in the corner...with a little battery sign. And in settings you can set it to show the percentage of how much battery you have left. Hope this is what you were looking for :-)

Who makes the iPhone?
Apple makes about 3% of an iphone Other 97% is made by Intel, Broadcom, Aphenol, Sanyo Electic, Foxconn, LG....

Is the Samsung Galaxy s2 better than the iPhone 4S?
No!Both are good, but iPhone 4s is better. Here is a list of good and bad things about them: Galaxy SII Good Bad Fast More for work and buisness than Thin entertainment Pretty good battery Not as good software as iPhone Good phone all round iPhone 4s Good Bad Ios 5-very fast Phone is bad quality Siri depending on network Acess to app store Screen is very fragile Acess to itunes Good battery life Everything...

Does an iPhone have a SIM card or battery card?
the iphone has a sim card which slots in the top of the iphone. to get the sim card tray out you have to use a pin or the special tool it came with to open it.

Where is the battery in the iPhone 3gs?
there is no battery pack you charge it but if you mean the port system than it is locked at the back you have to get a professional to open it!?

Can you receive email alrts on the iPhone?
Yes, but it drains you battery fast.

How to get seri for one plus 7 pro specs iphone4?
To get the serial for your iPhone you can remove the battery and you will be able to see it.

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