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iPad needs to pay 1000 RMB Entry Tax In China Mainland

Recently news about the entry tax of ipad in china mainland becomes the hot topic. Ipad cost less than 4000 RMB, but customs would levy taxes by 5000RMA, the entry tax is as high as 1000RM.Ministry of Commerce and huawei mate 20 pro specs the public doubt the entry tax is too high and huawei p smart plus 2019 specs p smart z antutu benchmark need the explanation.

Ministry of commerce questions the 1000RMB entry tax is too high.

Customs levies 1000RMB levy tax for ipad, which drew more and more people’s attention. Recently, Ministry of commerce sent a Letter of confirmation to customs. After china enters WT/ One of the principles is the Implementation of zero tariff on all types of computers. The 1000RMB entry tax is Inconsistent with WTO rules. The duty-paid price of ipad is overvalued; the 20% tax rate is too high. Then representative of customs indicated, they would give the explanation.

Levying tax by 5000RMA is "for the convenience of visitors?

The customs replied, the duty paid price of 5,000RMB is reasonable. It is mainly for the convenience of customers, it would enhance the administrative efficiency and passenger clearance time.

Huang Yi, the principle of Supervision Department in General Administration of Customs was present at the "General Administration of Customs on the import and export clearance of goods carried by passengers answers the reporters" He pointed out, The management of customers’ personal items and luggage is based on the principle of convenience and simplification. In order to avoid the inconvenience cased by the complicate personal price during the clearance procedure, the customs would determine the categories of items and the duty-paid price and levy the entry taxes according to the "classification table" and "duty-paid price list. As the time, places and the types of the same items are different. Even the same item with the same tax number in the "classification table" the exact price when brought it different. Some one maybe higher than the duty-paid price in the list, some maybe lower. This is normal.

Huang Yi also indicated, according to the " Duty-paid price list ", The computer like notebook is suitable for the category of 5,000RMB. These balance two situations, samsung galaxy a50 antutu some are higher than 5,000RMB, but some are lower.

The duty-free limits for samsung galaxy a50 antutu Personal items are equal to that of developed countries

For overseas visitors and students, the value of random items is more than 5,000 RMB; Therefore, The free-tax limit of 5000 RMB for personal items is too low is considered too low. The representative of Supervision department of General Administration of Custom Huang Yi, responded, "Taking into account the different levels of economic development, the current amount of duty-free limit in china is roughly equal with that of developed countries.

 He explained it is the common international practice to set duty-free limit for the inward passengers’ personal luggage. In practice, the customs levies entry taxes for the luggage over the free-duty limit at full value, which is universal.

Huang Yi told the details of the duty-free limit of different countries. Australia duty-free limits for entry personal belongings are 900 Australian dollars, That of United Kingdom is £ 390, Germany is € 430, U.S. for resident travelers is $ 800, for non-resident visitors it is $ 100, and South Korea is the $ 400 .At present, the tax-free limit for the residents personal items the is 5000 2-" &ORnon-resident visitors, huawei mate 20x specs it is 2000RMB.

According to the latest report of customs, due to the high entry duty, fewer customers would take the ipad to China mainland. More and more oversea Visitors and students would prefer to bring backpack bagBluetoothStereo Headsets,cool novelties for their friends and relatives as gifts.
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